Earth to AllenLife with an alien can be a bit messy but a whole lot of awesome.

When 11-year-old Matty Mota is inadvertently chosen to oversee SLERP, a top-secret alien relocation program, he is assigned Allen, a tremendously incompetent intergalactic assistant. With just the right mix of naive exuberance and unfathomable abilities, Allen is prone to blunders that lead to major mishaps. We’re talking twenty feet of snow in June, time itself stopped in its tracks, the entire town turned upside-down (literally). Yes, it’s a life punctuated by escalating catastrophes and confoundingly bizarre alien visitations, but Matty has a true pal in Allen, which makes all the madness worth the trouble. CloudKid created and developed Earth to Allen as a transmedia property for kids ages 8 to 11, and produced an animated a pilot and a mobile game prototype for Nickelodeon.