Astroblast! Rocket RushBlastoff with the Rocket Rush app!

Want to soar through space with the coolest, smoothie-shack-running intergalactic crew this side of the Milky Way? Well, we’ve got just what you ordered with Astroblast! Rocket Rush! This endless-runner, cross-platform app challenges kids to fly as far as they can through space while collecting energy pods to fuel their spaceship. Whether they’re playing as Comet, Sputnik, Halley, Radar or Jet, kids unlock high-tech ship upgrades for each of the crew member’s unique spacecraft, and can visit the Space Hangar to customize their very own super rocket…and go where no astro-adventurer has gone before! CloudKid teamed up with Sprout to create Rocket Rush, and handled the game and UI design, animation, programming, and artwork for the experience.