Independent Projects

It’s been an exciting three months here at CloudKid. During this time, we’ve been focused on producing internal and independent projects. We’ve been working very hard on these three very different projects that have enabled us to take big risks and expand our skills.

1) Negative NimbusNimbus is CloudKid’s first independently produced transmedia property. After launching the iOS game in October, the reception and reviews have been fantastic. Since the launch, we’ve added two new worlds, dozens of comics, new achievements, and Game Center compatibility, and expanded to Android. A Nimbus-themed weather app is also in the works.

2) Social Sharing App – We’ve also been building a truly unique social app and website that revolves around avatars and social content sharing. While not implicitly designed for kids, this experience utilizes many of CloudKid’s design and user experience strengths. It’s a collaboration with a NYC-based tech incubator and is slated to launch early 2013.

3) Sci-fi Web Series – Finally, we’ve been producing a general audience live-action/animated web series that follows the story of a government researcher. The narrative unfolds via a variety of content including video logs, animations, audio clips, and documents. It’s been our most ambitious and challenging project to date, and is slated to launch in 2013.

While these projects are very different from one another, they have one thing in common: they were designed for all ages, not just kids. These new projects have utilized the skills we’ve developed while producing children’s media, but they’ve pushed us to think about a broader audience. In the coming year we hope to produce more content for tweens, teens, and beyond, so we can continue to challenge ourselves as filmmakers, artists, and technologists.