Fresh Pick: Coming Soon!

For the past nine months, we’ve been hard at work on Fresh Pick: The Search for the Next Lunch Labber. Like last year’s Escape from Greasy World, this new Fizzy’s project was funded by the Ready to Learn grant from the US Department of Education.

Fresh Pick will challenge kids to prove that they have what it takes to help Fizzy run the Lunch Lab. In a mock reality show format, kids will have to complete 8 different challenges that each put their math, reasoning and culinary know-how to the test. The games are self-leveling, and each comes with accompanying cinematics featuring different Lunch Lab characters (produced with our partners at Hero 4 Hire Creative). Of course, Freezer Burn also makes a music video appearance at the end of the experience.

We also partnered with PBS and UCLA CRESST to implement extensive analytics on the games, so that we can all learn a great deal about their use post-launch. Now that production has wrapped up, we’re so excited for Fresh Pick to roll out for computers and tablets in November. Stay tuned for more info on the launch!