About Us

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

CloudKid is an award-winning digital creative agency specializing in interactive and animation production. We are an artist-driven studio, obsessed with merging art, story and technology in fresh and unexpected ways. With a focus on transmedia storytelling, CloudKid is continually creating projects for all kinds of brands across a variety of platforms, from apps to websites to webisodes to network pilots. We have been nominated for three Emmys, we produce projects of all sizes, and we drive every step of the process, from initial concept creation to the final imaginative, unconventional, gorgeous product that lights up your screen. 

Our Clients

Here’s a list of our nearest and dearest.

Our Services

Yep. We do it all.


  • HTML5 games
  • iOS/Android apps
  • Cross-platform conversion
  • Web development
  • Mobile site development
  • Production tools
  • Flash games


  • Series development
  • Creative writing
  • Concept design
  • Character creation
  • World-building
  • Series bibles
  • Transmedia strategy


  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Production design
  • Animatics
  • 2D animation
  • Audio production
  • Post production

A Look Inside

Who we are, what we do, and where we work.

The Team

Meet the people who make it happen.

Dave Schlafman

Creative Director

Has an evil twin, once owned a Neo Geo video game system, loves 80’s soft rock.

Matt Karl

Technical Director

Moonlights as a second-rate juggler, has never owned blue jeans, carries himself like a retired greyhound.

Mike Annear

Director of Art & Animation

Daydreamer of magical worlds, diehard rock climber, used to play a mean saxophone.

Kendra Mattozzi

Senior Producer

Has trouble remembering names, is in love with Bruce Willis, once had a fight with herself in a mirror.

Matt Bargar

Assoc. Technical Director

Got his first computer at the age of five, candy lover, part-time avocado farmer (retired).

Kim Hui

Senior Concept Designer

Loves Tabasco, will always beat your high score, won't get your movie reference (half the time).

Eric Ente

Sr. Front End Developer

MacGyver of many hats, plays with fire and occasionally gets burned, has yet to master telekinesis.

Andrew Start

Senior Programmer

Ultimate Frisbee diehard, explorer of fictional worlds, purveyor of deadpanned nonsense.

Heather Mendonça

Graphic Designer

Obsessed with wearing tights, dislikes bananas, once touched an emperor penguin.

Joe Boyle

Senior Artist

Nerdy bookworm, owns nine coffee making machines, spends too much time on the internet.  

Matte Szklarz

Front End Developer

Loves bright lights and loud noises, an Indian lunch buffet is his “happy place”, once lived in Minnesota.

Mike Wazowski

Resident Monster

Lives in CloudKid lobby, enjoys greeting all HQ visitors, has made two babies cry.

Christina Kelly

Concept Designer

Comics entrepreneur, has had many prophetic dreams about Katamari Damacy, and is a notorious cat lady.

Colin Egge


Chocolate milk connoisseur, audiophile, spends most of his time lost in the woods.

Tommy Rodricks


A trigonometry expert and compulsive liar, he is also sometimes allergic to cats.

James Melloni

Administrative Assistant

Performs improv, can ride a razor scooter with no hands, and is on a constant search for the city’s best General Gao Chicken!